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Couples Therapy

At ConnEQction, we provide psychotherapy for couples of all types. Like with our individual psychotherapy, we pull from different therapy models and techniques to provide integrative and customized treatment for each unique couple. We value our client's input in their therapy goals to create a safe and collaborative relationship between the therapy team (mental health professional, equine professional, chosen equine partner) and the client. Each of our couples will get to choose the horse(s) they would like to be a part of their therapy team. Therapy sessions are conducted outside in nature with the horses or in the barn. 


  • Identify and improve communication skills and patterns

  • Increase connEQction when together and apart

  • Build active listening skills

  • Identify and improve trust and safety issues

  • Create capacity to grieve together

  • Decrease fear of being vulnerable with one another

  • Enable ability to ask for needs to be met

  • Determine how to be true partners to one another

  • Create conflict navigation skills

  • Learn to parent together

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