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Executive Leaders &

Business Teams

Is your team a high-performing team? Does your team communicate well? Is leadership thoughtful and intentional? Is your team productive, efficient, and effective?  

At ConnEQction, we help business teams to identify trust and communication patterns, form a team identity, understand how each team member relates to others, increase emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills, all of which develop the team into a high performance team through equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning. We help business teams learn about themselves, their coworkers, and how to contribute to a high-performing team through relationships with horses.

We also help executive leaders learn to become more in touch with their teams across the continuum of staff and develop their successors through connEQcted relationships with mentees. Executive leaders learn how to constantly ask for feedback, be more vulnerable and transparent, and lead in a non-dominant way.


Each of our business teams or executive leaders will get to choose the horse(s) they would like to be a part of their learning team. Learning sessions are conducted outside in nature with the horses or in the barn.


  • Increase communication and trust

  • Increase productivity

  • Decrease gossip and unhealthy competition

  • Increase team retention and engagement

  • Decrease information silos

  • Decrease defensiveness and finger pointing

  • Increase collaboration and creativity

  • Approachable executive leadership open to feedback

  • Development of future leaders

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