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Educator Learning

Educating students on any level can be hard. Today's educators have to manage classrooms, student teachers, behavioral issues, different learning abilities, high-achieving students, and much more. Students are becoming increasingly disconnected and dysregulated due to social media, video games, and not interacting with nature enough. We are seeing an increase in student anxiety and depression along with other mental struggles because of the disconnection, dysregulation, bullying, and threat of school shootings. 

At ConnEQction, we want to give our educators the skills to be teachers of healthy relationships and increased student engagement through equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning. We help educators learn about themselves, their students, and how to implement high performance classrooms through relationships with horses. Each of our clients will get to choose the horse they would like to be a part of their learning team. Learning sessions are conducted outside in nature with the horses or in the barn.


  • Self-regulation creates regulated classrooms

  • Ability to relate to any student and inspire greatness

  • Relational classroom management strategies

  • Increase student engagement and retention

  • Identify at-risk students

  • Classroom inclusivity of all learning abilities

  • Decrease bullying

  • Decrease student anxiety and depression

  • High performance classrooms

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