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Individual Therapy

At ConnEQction, we provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults ages 3 years and older. We pull from different therapy models and techniques to provide developmentally appropriate, integrative, and customized treatment for each individual. We value our client's input in their therapy goals to create a safe and collaborative relationship between the therapy team (mental health professional, equine professional, chosen equine partner) and the client. Each of our clients will get to choose the horse they would like to be a part of their therapy team. Therapy sessions are conducted outside in nature with the horses or in the barn.


  • Understand attachment and relationship styles

  • Identify negative behavior patterns and how to change them

  • Build healthy coping mechanisms

  • Increase problem solving skills and emotional intelligence

  • Identify and understand physically, emotionally, and mentally safe and unsafe scenarios

  • Recognition of increased dysregulation and self-regulation strategy creation

  • Take responsibility for personal thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and decisions

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