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Meet The Team

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Lara Long 



Licensed Professional Counselor




I have a deep passion in coming alongside people as they journey to understand themselves and those around them with greater wisdom and insight. This often means looking at the things in our lives that feel “stuck” or difficult to understand patterns we find ourselves repeating. My goal and hope for you in working together is that you may be able to live fully present and thrive by reducing the impact of the past on your present life. My therapeutic approach is psychodynamic and relational in nature, and is largely influenced by attachment, trauma, and object relations theory. Essentially this means that I see relationships as central to the ways we understand the world and ourselves. The therapeutic relationship offers an opportunity for you to experience something new, as we both encounter each other. I like to use the analogy of a doula or midwife, as I work to help provide a safe and supportive environment for my clients to give birth to their inner creative and true self. I work with a multicultural focus, bringing curiosity, compassion and mindfulness to each session.

I draw from a background as a multi-decade Olympic hopeful athlete and the challenges that come with high intensity athletics, as well as a lengthy career in corporate America and the challenges in navigating stress and leadership while finding meaning and balance. My clinical areas of experience lie in working with: at-risk youth in school and home settings; therapeutic foster families; an award winning children’s crisis and outreach response system helping families achieve stability, prevent future crises and helping children remain in their home; individual outpatient and group therapy in an office setting; and more recently in training working with children, individuals and families using equine-assisted psychotherapy.

I work with a wide variety of issues in my clients with a special focus in my studies on trauma and abuse. I work with children, adolescents, adult individuals, and families.

Lindsey Fetty Vickers

Lindsey Fetty Vickers



Equine Professional, Professional Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist Graduate Intern

Supervised by Susan Gonzales LPC-Supervisor/LMFT-Supervisor


Hi! My name is Lindsey Vickers, and I am currently a graduate intern supervised by Susan Gonzales, LPC-Supervisor, LMFT-Supervisor.


I am a Professional Counseling Master’s student at Texas State University in my internship year. I believe we should all feel safe to walk into a new or existing arena and be able to do brave things. Being able to brave the arena requires safe, empathic, trusting relationships. I believe the key to healing is through a felt sense of safety within healthy relationships which I want to provide to you in our counseling relationship. I work from a foundation of attachment, formed during the early years of life, which impacts how we show up in our close relationships later in life. I believe the mind and body are highly connected and use neurobiological modalities to integrate both for a well-rounded, strengths-based, authentic, and nonjudgmental therapeutic experience.


While I work with many clinical concerns, I have unique experience in working with trauma, complex trauma, developmental trauma, sexual assault, sex trafficking, affair recovery, any and all sexual or gender concerns, and diverse types of relationship structures. I primarily work with couples, families, and adult individuals.


Completed Level 1 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and am pursuing Level 2 currently. Completed fundamentals and intermediate Natural Lifemanship and EQUUSOMA training. Completed Somatic Experiencing training through intermediate level and am currently pursuing advanced level training. Started sex therapy certification through the Sexual Health Alliance (SHA) and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).


I look forward to braving the arena with you on your counseling journey!



Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science – Texas A&M University


Master of Public Health – University of Texas Health Science Center


Master of Professional Counseling from Texas State University – In progress, graduation planned May 2023



Darcy Scott



Licensed Professional Counselor




It’s a dream of mine to help more people connect with their community, feel inspired to make positive changes, and prioritize the time that’s needed for wellness, happiness, and wholeness. And, that doesn’t look the same for everyone! 


I began my career in education, and as a former teacher, I am fully committed to helping today’s educators and caretakers invest in their mental health and prioritize their wellness. 

When starting work with new clients, we discover their intentions, goals, and what their health ideals look like. People tend to operate and make daily decisions based on their collection of experiences. I believe that when you better understand what has happened to you and how that has formed you, you’re able to make even better decisions! We’ll work together to create a therapy process that feels comfortable and dare I say- enjoyable?


I’ve been working as a Licensed Professional Counselor for eight years and as a native Texan, I have a deep love for two things: strengthening community and the pursuit of the perfect bowl of queso. 

I’m currently working on certification in hypnosis and equine therapy, and I’m an active member of both Psychology Today and Inclusive Therapists. I’m also passionate about Bake a Wish Austin in which I bake and decorate cakes and donate to kids in foster care or women's shelters, a member of the Citizen Police Academy #102 and A Conversation Corps Volunteer - hosting conversations with the community over controversial topics.

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